Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Motivation; Standing up for what you believe in

On the news this morning, nationally, media outlets are reporting its official: the recession is over. Unfortunately, the jobless are and will continue to be the last to feel this impact. So what to do?

In between looking for jobs, I recommend using this time to get involved. There are lessons to be learned from Palin and the Tea Party advocates. They are vocal and organized in their efforts to keep the conservative premises alive and take down those who have worked hard to make needed change in this country like health care reform. Love it or hate it, it is needed. We should all have what the US Congress has for healthcare coverage. The question is: do you want what the Tea Party and GOP are advocating? Keep things the same; be obstructionist to progress; vote out those members of Congress who actually worked to make change?

We should learn from them to make an effort, as hard as it is emotionally, to keep those hard working representatives and Senators in Congress. Do you want what the GOP wants? Do you want to be part of a silent majority that lets the few over rule what is best for the majority and who uses fear tactics and lies to make it happen?

I think of Senator Reid who is a target of the Tea Party who did nothing wrong but work hard to compromise and bring change to the country. Health care is a liberty that each US citizen deserves. If you are looking to change places and people who do not do their jobs, I have some recommendations for you:

Veterans Administration: If you have ever dealt with them, this is the epitomy of turtle mentality....the slower the better; getting nothing accomplished in a timely manner; slough off to another employee who is overworked or just plain taking salaries for doing nothing. But this is a blog for a later time. That said, those of you who have ever dealt with the VA, know it needs change. Make it happen. Organize, Tweet, call and write everyone and anyone to make change. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper; tell your stories of the inadequate follow through in this Federal Agency created to help Veterans and spouses.

Stop the Tea Party: get the facts and tell the facts to all those around you. Stamp out lies. Don't let a vocal majority ruin the democracy of this nation.

Congress: research your representatives and senators. Let them know your thoughts. If you really believe they have not done a good job, research the opponent and make the right choice for your vote.

For me, I would like to add the Maryland State Legislature and nominate them for the "doing the least for their salaries" ever in the history of this State or any state in the US.

More to come..................

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