Monday, March 22, 2010

CSPAN, Healthcare Reform Historical Vote, Twitter

I watched CSPAN well into the wee hours and tweeted on the progress of the HCR bill along with thousands of others. The experience of connecting with others and watching history being made was incredible and exciting.

CSPAN lets the vote and discussion unfold in front of your eyes with no pundits or media dissertations. You see first hand the workings of our Constitution. You also see some incredible stupidity, childish behavior, and scare tactics, lies, and in my opinion, hatred and one sided views of an entire party: the Republicans who want people to live their individual lives according to THEIR will. It was unbelievable to watch. It spoke volumes about who we have in Congress and who needs to go.

Twitter was actually fun; connecting with people of all types all over the US in discussing what was occuring live in front of your eyes was unbelievable.  There were so many lies being stated by Republicans that the Twitter group started a theme ""icanmakeupshittoo" in which people posted what would happen if health care reform bill passed to make fun of what the Republicans were saying. Some examples:

"If HCR passes, every American will be forced to watch American Idol"
If HCR passes, Republicans will join the biggestlosersclub"

It mimicked the mockery of the Republican party on the floor of the House and provided some levity.

I applaud the House for passing healthcare reform. Its far from perfect but it is a start. Now we need to make sure the Senate passes the House is Reconciliation Act with changes to the Senate bill that was passed by the House last night. The fight continues. I urge you to watch the Senate vote when it occurs. Republicans are already promising to challenge this vote. But then, they have challenged everything that makes sense to human beings.To describe their actions is a disservice to seeing this for children did not act like this in the worst days.

More to come....

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  1. I could not stay up to watch such divisiveness among people who are supposed to be adults and even more importantly...statesmen. It took tremendous bravery to vote your conscience when being threatened with your life by anger crazed people. (I was going to say Nazi's but that makes me too much like them.)