Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Idol Worship? More like the biggest loser, pun intended

American Idol, one of my flight from reality shows that keeps me going, has gone. Sad to report. I am thinking of sitting Shiva (a period of mourning following a death) for it. They have switched seats of the judges so many times, like that is going to make for a better show? I love Ellen but she has not hit her stride yet and looks very uncomfortable in the judges table. Simon had looked like he wanted to be anywhere but on Idol...last night he seemed better but not by much. What's with Kara looking at Simon everytime he speaks as though she "idolizes" him. I have to restrain myself from vomiting.

The men? puleze......not too many are good; none seem to be star quality. Some of the people they let go were better then what is there. The women are better but not by much though am hoping tonight they come through.

For the first time, I switched stations constantly during the show. I kept watching Biggest Loser (which is the name Idol should use this year). I love Biggest Loser, it keeps you attached emotionally. Idol used to but so far this year, it frankly sucks.

Thank goodness Ruby is back, and Project Runway is up to speed; even Amazing Race is back and always great.

Reality shows keep me from dealing with the reality of no job. Funny isn't it? reality shows keep me from reality....hmmmm maybe I should do a reality show on job hunting...any one interested? Of course, there's always the ForestofFools or the Schmuck's Forest (in progress watch this space). Shame they are not up yet, I would have planted Senator Bunning...more to come.


  1. I completely agree. The judges are really losing it, tell contestants to make the songs their own and when they do, the judges tell them they should just sing a song straight. And poor Todrick, who I love for changing things up, the judges are horrible to...its their last season anyway.

  2. I am thinking about you. We need spring to give a new perspective, to get us all outside and to see if we can find some new lights - since Idol is not one this year!!!!

    Come south for a visit - want to?